Financial Aid

We believe everyone should have the ability to eat healthy, enjoyable food, but gluten free foods are not always affordable. That’s why Better Batter offers special pricing for…


Financial Aid is available to households where individuals with ASD reside, who are using the gluten free diet as part of a therapy protocol. Proof of diagnosis is required for initial enrollment.

Householders enrolled for ASD dependents must re-enroll in January of each year and provide proof of ongoing dependent status. Persons diagnosed with ASD who are independent are automatically renewed for the program each calendar year, and reenrollment is not necessary.

Accepted Proof:

  • Medical diagnosis
  • Psychological evaluation
  • School Guidance evaluation or IEP
  • Federal Disability status

Do NOT send original copies!!

Why is autism singled out for help? Our founder’s son (ASD) is passionate about supporting his community, especially those who find that the gf/cf diet helps them to function better. Our founder, Naomi, promised him she would provide help for families with autism as a show of solidarity when she founded the company ten years ago — and at Better Batter, we keep our promises!


Financial Aid is available to those households who meet Federal guidelines for Food Aid (WIC, Food Stamps, etc.). Pricing renews each January.

Accepted Proof:

  • Proof of Food Stamps, WIC checks, or other Federal Food Aid
  • Proof of School Reduced or Free Lunch acceptance

Do NOT send original copies!!

What if I don’t believe in taking Federal Assistance, but don’t make enough money? We respect and support your beliefs! Please provide proof of low income  instead, and we will evaluate your eligibility using Federal Income Guidelines.


Financial aid is available to undergraduate & graduate university students who are currently enrolled full time during the current semester. Pricing renews each January.

Accepted Proof:

  • College Students: Proof enrollment in the current semester

Do NOT send original copies!!

Can I be eligible if my child/spouse is enrolled in college? Yes! You will still need to provide proof of enrollment and dependent status.



Financial Aid is available to military personnel with active-duty or honorable-discharge veteran status & their spouses.

Accepted Proof:

  • Proof of active duty
  • Proof of veteran status

Do NOT send original copies!!

Can I order from an APO? Yes! Additional Shipping charges will apply.


We understand that many families find themselves temporarily under dire circumstances, but without the official requirements that may qualify them for many financial aid programs. If you are struggling with extraordinary medical or other expenses, please explain your circumstances in an attachment to your application, along with related proof. Applicants may be approved on a case by case basis.

Unsure if you may have extraordinary circumstances?

Examples of non qualifying circumstances:

General Need for a Gluten Free Diet:  “My child has celiac” would not be considered extraordinary.

Examples of qualifying circumstances:

Extraordinary Medical Bills:   “I have $10,000 in out of pocket chemotherapy bills, plus travel expense back and forth to my treatments is not covered by insurance” would be considered extraordinary.



Pricing for financial aid is separate from online and in store pricing.

Published pricing discounts or free shipping codes offered in-store and online cannot be combined with Financial Aid.


Download the PDF Here Now

To apply, fill out the application either digitally or in print, then mail, email or fax it, along with related proof documents, to:

Better Batter Gluten Free Flour
1885 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd.
Altoona, PA 16602

Fax: (814) 946-0935