October 25, 2017

Vegan, Egg-Free Royal Icing

Vegan, Egg-Free Royal Icing

This is a fantastic icing to use for making sugar cookies – it’s smooth and neutral-flavored; and it can be easily colored, piped, and spooned into decorative shapes. While most recipes online call for chickpea aquafaba (also called bean juice or bean brine), those of us with peanut allergies may avoid chickpeas – I have found that any white bean aquafaba will do.

If you are corn allergic or avoidant, you can use our Corn Free Powdered Sugar with perfect results.

Get the full recipe below our video!

This recipe generally produces a medium royal icing – for use to do a smooth topping or decoration on a cookie. You may want to increase the powdered sugar for a stiffer icing (to pipe shapes) – I would increase it by 1/4 c at a time when you are beating the mixture.

If you are using coloring, remember it will generally dry brighter than it is when it is wet.

Glycerin may be added for shine and to slow the drying process, but it is not necessary.